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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear God, Thank you.

Dear God,
I just wanted to take some time away from my busy life to say just a couple of things to you because we haven't really had much time to talk here recently and I feel I should at least tell you "thank you".
I love my family with every thing I have. I couldn't ask for anything better than my two beautiful children and my wonderful husband.  I've had my doubts about this marriage but after the past couple days, I feel like I have made the right choice in staying with him. I think this is where you want me and you have put me through these trails, I think, in a way to make me more appreciate of the small things I have.  I have a wonderful husband, though he has made some mistakes, loves his children more than anything in this world.  He would go as far as possible to make sure they were well taken care of and happy. I have a beautiful daughter who is the smartest three year old I know! She is a bit mischievous at times but has the sweetest moments. I have a handsome 1 year old boy, who is the sweetest most loving child.  I love how much he is attached to me and how at times if I am talking to another child or holding my friends, he gets jealous. I know your not suppose to let them, teach them to not be attached but I can't help myself, it makes my day to know my son is a mamma's boy. I'm even thankful for our hamster, baby.  How many pets do you actually not have to clean up after everyday? Baby makes my life a little bit easier. I'm thankful for the things that I have and I accept the trails that I must go through in life to learn from.  Thank you God, for everything you have given me and everything you choose not to give me, I am ever so grateful to have a Lord that loves me and my family has much as you do.
I love you,
Jenn Martin

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